Party location


Are you looking for a location to celebrate memorable moments with your dear friends? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

All of us have at least one celebration to hold every year. The most common problem is finding a place where you can enjoy your party without disruption and where loud music doesn’t bother the neighbours.

Our locations will enable you to hold parties, birthdays, weddings or other celebrations.

We wish to offer you memorable moments with the people who are most important to you!


Planning an event requires lots of thought. One of the most important things is renting suitable rooms. Every celebration has a theme and an objective to emphasize. The choice of rooms determines the style and mood of the party. It is also important that the room can fit enough people, has the right planning and additional options needed for the party.

Rooms that we can offer are: Hole In One restaurant, Family restaurant Gusto, the Atrium and banquet hall of Keila Gymnasium, Glehni Castle, Õpetajate Maja, Vihterpalu Manor, Villa Nõva

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