Harju Elekter dining room
Ensto dining room
PKC dining room
Keila School

Hole In One Catering is a daily caterer to many large companies where the total number of customers per day exceeds 2000 people.

To analyse the speed of service we use the best cash register technology with card payment facilities, renewing them as needed. With the changing economy and keeping an eye on longevity one has to plan future strategies and set new goals.

Hole In One Catering realizes its mission in Keila School, Harju Elekter, Ensto and PKC dining rooms by offering healthy, delicious and affordable breakfast, lunch and dinner. We offer pre-ordered special menus for festive events and catering service for different occasions, serve coffee etc.

OWe continue to succeed on our mission and are open for new offers. We will contribute to an excellent partnership and are ready to meet the needs of your employees.