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A story from the 1990s Estonia:

A cook and a waiter are peeking from the door.
“Look, Jack, he’s eating it!” says the cook. “He really is eating it!”

This real-life situation is what started Hole In One Catering. Our motto is “Worldly pleasures” – our customers should always get the best experience.

With more than 15 years in business, Hole In One Catering has grown from being a small company started by 3 waiters to a company offering full services, succeeding in becoming one of the leading catering companies in Estonia.

Hole In One Catering’s strategic vision ensures that we have a long-term business direction and a clear mission. Our calling is to be a fast, athletic and a helpful service provider that offers an enjoyable menu and culinary arts. The vision is a future where restaurants are known for their menu and taste with an emphasis on healthy food. We wish to offer the best results in catering.

Our menu has a wide selection of snacks suitable for conferences and receptions; we can recommend wedding menus which can be adapted to suit jubilees and birthdays. We take a personal approach to our customers’ wishes depending on their taste, budget and preference. We offer our advice on planning a menu that will ensure the success of any event.

In addition to excellent food we offer different services through our trusted partners: decorating event rooms and providing sound and lighting solutions.

A few years ago we conducted a client survey which showed that 96% of people who used our services were very happy with the event we organised.

Hole in One Catering supports Keila Football Club.


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